Disappointing Kapama Private Reserve

10 May

My last drive here on Kapama after 3 night’s stay was again mostly uneventful.  When the guides have to focus more on dung and foot prints you know the wildlife is not around.  Such was the case with most of the safari time here in Kapama.  I have to say, if you’re planning a safari and want to see the beauty and wildlife of Africa as I do, this is not the place to visit.  Instead, this place focuses on a fancy lodge and an overabundance of gourmet food.  If the later is what you’re looking for,  perhaps this is the place to come, but for me I’m quite disappointed and even more-so having gone so far outside my budget with an agent to help me fill this section of my travels so time would be utilized to it’s fullest.  The best part were the fun folks I did go on safari with, but the actual safari felt entirely staged, with animals seen only in the few open spaces… namely the nicely manicured roads and the cleared sections under the huge electrical wires that scar through the entire property.  To top it off, the Camp staff had been so kind and welcoming to me upon arrival, but upon my departure it was as though they were eager to have me leave so they could put on their happy faces for the new arrivals.  They even had the gaul to tell me I should tip double since I’m a single person, not part of a couple.  I was left with a bad taste of the place and rather bitter feelings at having paid so much for such a staged experience.


I’m eager to get out of South Africa and into the beauty of Africa that I’ve experienced in other parts of this great continent.  I met a lovely lady named Arlene on the plane back to Johannesburg… kindred spirits.  We both parted with a warm hug and hopes of keeping in touch, sharing travel stories and such.  Meeting her made up for what I was feeling earlier in the day for sure and her stories of her time in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, where I’m heading next was inspiring.  I have to admit though, I’m feeling a bit less excited after what this agent booked me in these past few days… it was all that I told her I did not want to do… hmmm….  Stay tuned, I’m off to a place that I have dreamed about visiting for a long time… fingers crossed!

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