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Welcome and enjoy! ¬†Animals and travel are both passions of mine, and it’s a privilege to utilize my artistic side in a way that combines them both uniquely with proceeds going to animal conservation groups around the world. ¬†Feel free to inquire about donations for fundraisers, purchase of originals or custom work of your “best friend(s).”

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  • Leslie lentz says:

    I love your work! I am a volunteer at Calif. Wildlife Ctr & was at the fundraiser last weekend when I saw your work. The one I bid on is of 2 skunks. I love skunks & these 2 in the painting remind me of the very young ones that I handle. They think they’re tough but they’re just little cuties.
    I hovered over this painting to make sure I won.
    Do you have a site where I can buy more? I’ve seen a cople that I like.
    I would also like to see about commissioning a painting of my 2 dogs. I have 2 rescues, a ( sit down) golden retriever/Dixie ( probably spaniel but it’s a conversation opener) & flat coated retriever who was afraid of everything.
    I look forward to hearing from you

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