Africa Adventure ~ The Arrival

Africa 2015

Feb 26-28, 2015

It’s been quite a journey getting here with many moments I had to remind myself to just breathe.  My bones are aching, my eyes tired, and I’m in Africa… I feel so alive!  So much awaits and so much unknown will fill each day.  To start, as I was sitting waiting for my flight to Botswana in Johannesburg airport, I heard someone call my name.  I looked up and there was Angela from Australia.  She’ll be my roommate for the first 2 weeks and we’ve been emailing, but never met until now.  Turned out, she was on the same flight and even seated next to me on that very exciting leg of a very long bit of travel.  We both giggled with excitement and shared eagerly our beginning attempts at animal communication leading up to this time with Anne and Antonio in Botswana.


Upon arrival, we were met by Alwyn, Anna, Antonio and a representative from Maun Lodge… what a welcome wagon!


It felt great to get into our room, lay on the bed with my feet up the wall for a while.  We both are of the same thinking, that we were curious to get out and go for a walk to check out this part of rural Maun, even with the storm clouds looming, lightning flashing and thunder rumbling.  It all added to the excitement of this day knowing what amazing adventure lies ahead for us both.


March 1, 2015

A nice night’s sleep after a lovely meal at The Boma restaurant with it’s thatched roof and central courtyard with bonfire surrounded by chairs to enjoy more social time.  There were loads of locals there, a very friendly resident kitty with a beautiful grey and white coat.  She didn’t seem to want food, just a good bit of attention and perhaps some female energy.  She sat by my chair most of the evening giving me such delight.  The chef was so proud of his buffet spread, so Angela and I indulged there on some lovely salads of varying sorts. The chef was particularly proud of a summer squash in a cheesy sauce he’d made and rightly so… it was delicious!  Served also was traditional sorghum mashed into a sort of mashed potato looking thing and next to that mealy-meal, a ground corn mash the African’s have had as a staple for ages.  The rest was a huge assortment of meats, but as a vegetarian, I just pass those by.  For desert, some passion fruit, chocolate cake and other delectables, watched over diligently by a large beautiful moth who’d attached himself to the light screen that draped over the desert bar.


This morning, the quiet beaconed me to head out by the pool for some yoga and found myself smiling from the inside out.  The birds joined in on the action keeping watch and cooing and chatting away.  A big black bird with a golden beak soared along the river most elegantly, he seemed to be moving far too slow to soar, but soar he did.  I ended in a bit of meditation and spent time connecting with the birds feeling the curvy gnarly tree overlooking the pool was a favorite with a good view and not too many leaves to block views, but enough for some protection.


We had a leisurely morning repacking things and enjoying the buffet breaky, which turned out not to be included in the hotel price.  Well, this is Africa and one must know when traveling to far away lands, that things just roll differently and a traveller must learn to roll with things too… at least that is my take.  I suppose there are those who make a big fuss, but normally only succeed in upsetting everyone but still things don’t move faster.


Angela and I took a taxi into “town” today… it’s Sunday and all are dressed in bright lovely colors, some decked out in fabulous outfits the contrast with the roadside garbage and storefront signage, it makes me smile.  The town is very small, barely a paved road and shops are simple, many folks sell food they’ve grown and or a few wares along the roadside.  A guy made really cool outdoor chairs using old tires and some recycled materials, another gal had a little salon inside a little make-shift building under the shade of a big tree, we bought tomatoes from another friendly gal.  It’s small and humble, but so vibrant in it’s own way.


We are given another room for the next night that is in the location with the incoming group for the safari… actually, it’s not a new room, but a darling little thatched roof cabin that oozes character and comes complete with AC.   Normally, I’m not an air con sort of gal, but it’s pretty hot here in Botswana these days, even a bit oppressive I’d say…. not just me, but some locals have mentioned they’d like to travel somewhere cooler.  Being only the second day of my time in Africa, I’ve met two people who’d either just seen snow for their first time or long to experience it someday in their lives.  It’s amazing what we all take for granted, here folks long to see the USA and other parts of the world and for me being here in their country is a dream come true.


Tonight I’ll meet the rest of the group for dinner and an information session, then tomorrow we’ll set off on our grand adventure learning about animal communication while experiencing the wonders of beautiful Botswana.


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